Fishing at Miami Beach Haulover Pier

Fishing at Miami Beach Haulover Pier

   “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after”

– Henry David Thoreau

Miami was and will always be a favorite tourist destination and an ideal neighborhood of residency for so many reasons. If words could paint then sun, sand and sea pictures Miami perfectly. Locals take advantage of the great beaches and the natural resources bestowed that makes fishing one of the favorite locals’ past time. Miami has just the perfect spot for this relaxing hobby. It also a way of make a connection to the nature, creating new friendship and keeping up with time with close people. There will always be a good spot for fishing at Miami that made history.

 Fishing at Miami Beach Haulover Pier

Just a few miles from New Port Fishing Port is the Miami Beach Haulover Pier built way back 1940’s. This port is a choice of South Florida locals for the abundance of marine resources. Just a perfect spot for fishers as it is a joint for big fish like the barracudas, mackerel, blue fish, sharks and others. This port was the home of great sharks and a hang-out place for most of the men to fish that eventually formed the group Haulover Shark and Tarpon Club. This port has created so much memories for the Club where it all started. Unfortunately, the port was entirely swept away by the Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The government currently needs financial aid to restore the port for the benefit and safety of the locals and tourists as well.

 Fishing at Miami Beach Haulover Pier

More than just the fishes, fishing made memorable days worth remembering. As for the Haulover Shark and Tarpon Club, Miami Beach Haulover Pier is a place for worth remembering for the memories and friendship that brought men with the same interests altogether. As for the locals, the Miami Beach Haulover Pier will always be a mark to the good old days and a reminder of the bountiful marine life in Miami has.


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