Fulford by the Sea Monument North Miami Beach


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Fulford by the Sea Monument North Miami Beach

Miami is rich in history as it reflected by the architectural structure in the area. Registered as one of the National Register of Historic Places in Miami-Dade is the The Fountain (Fulford by the Sea Monument / Fulford Monument) built in 1925. North Miami Beach is prominently marked by the significant Fulford by the Sea Monument North Miami Beach. It was one of the biggest infrastructure in 1920’s and a mark of Florida Land Bloom as enjoyed by the residents and tourists alike. It was originally planned to be one of the five fountains to be built on each of the main entrances. The Miami beach logo is significantly identified by this historical mark.



It is now known as The Fountain, Fulford by the Sea Monument, is a 32 feet representation of the popularization of cast stone in America in the 1920’s. The Fountain built by Merle C. Tebbetts and Edgar C. Linn of the Florida Cities Finance Company as an entryway feature of the Fulford-by-the-Sea subdivision. Although showing signs of years, The Fountain is the prominent landmark in the Miami and is still fully operational. It is structurally built like a huge replica of the yarmulke and unicorn on top a Roman-designed post. In 2009, the city of North Miami Beach aims to be granted of restoration and preservation of the Fulford-by-the-Sea Monument by the Division of Historical Resources.

The City of North Miami determines to preserve the mark of the historical culture of the city for the next generation to appreciate and to promote the wellness of the city in further development.

This is not only a reflection of Miami’s rich history, development and growth but a welcoming effigy for the tourist into the lovely city of Miami.

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