The Flamingo Gardens – Native Floras and Faunas Haven

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens

Broward Cultural Heritage Landmark

Wray Home is a register Historical Landmark

Flamingo is the most colorful, social animal in the world and loves to stay in groups or flocks. They may not be endangered but in some other countries, they are hunted for their flesh, eggs, feathers and fat. Flocks found a home in the land of Florida where they are taken care. The Flamingo Garden of Floyd and and Jane Wray is one of the haven for these colorful birds. It is a non-profit organization that caters to the need of Flamingos and other animals as well as botanical plants.

Flamingo Gardens, one of the first botanical gardens and tourist attractions in South Florida, is owned and developed by the couple Floyd and Jane Wray with an aim to protect the native wildlife. The Flamingo Groves was founded by Floyd and his business partner Frank Sterling where they planted citrus trees which includes a citrus laboratory. Few years after, foreign plants and seeds are accepted from the federal government for testing, showcasing and further expanding their botanical collection. The area has opened the Sanctuary and has developed the areas for a residency and preservation of native wildlife.


Faunas:Welcome to Flamingo Gardens Flamingo



River otter




And more of Birds and Animals.   peacock



Over 3000 tropical and subtropical plants and trees

Largest tree in Florida


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Flamingo Garden

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Narrated Tram Show

Tropical Marketplace

Flamingo Cafe

This is a sanctuary made for a cause. The Flamingo Gardens is a non-profit organization that depends on the support and contribution in preservation of wildlife.

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